Study Abroad

During the summer of 2011, I participated in a study abroad program in the Jon M Huntsman School of Business visiting business in Russia, Armenia, and Turkey .This study abroad program is over a 23 week period and 4 phases.

Phase 1 – The semester before going abroad I took a class which taught be about the history, culture, and customs of the countries I would be going to. This made my over sea experience more enriching. I also learned about what to expect while traveling and about the organization which I would be visiting.

Phase 2 – During the summer I went abroad, I was on campus for three weeks taking accelerated business core classes geared for students who were going abroad for the summer. I took 4 classes which were: Marketing, Managing People and Business, Corporate Finance, and International Economics. All of these classes help me understand what I would be hearing first hand from international businessmen and women.

Phase 3 – I spend four weeks abroad visiting manufacturing facilities, research and development centers, financial institutions, corporate headquarters, US embassies/consulates, non-profit organizations, and universities.  An average day consisted of two business visits a day with the evening free to explore the city and experience the culture. About one day a week was free to do other site seeing that wasn’t available in the evening when we typically had free time.

Phase 4 – After returning home, assignment were made to present to connect what we learned in the classroom to what we experienced abroad. These projects were hefty and would be difficult without detailed notes of the culture and business visits. Below is a link to the project for International Economics giving a brief description of the history, culture, and business opportunities draws for my experiences.

Study Abroad Overview

Presenting & Prezi

I am proficient at making presentation and recently have been using Prezi in many of them. Here is a link to a Marketing Prezi project which compares and contrasts different marking techniques that I observed while on my study abroad.


I quite enjoy learning about fabric. Here is a project which was a semester long report analyzing different aspects of fabric.

Fabric The Soul of Fashion