Episode date: July 18 2014
Score:5 stars

Although I enjoyed this entire episode (hence the 5 star rating), it was the last part this really struck me. I was listing to this at work and I had stop what I was doing and write down, particularly this quote from Sarah Lewis:

“Masters aren’t masters because they take something to its conceptual end, but they realize there isn’t one…This is the dynamic of mastery, coming close to what you thought you wanted, can help you obtain even more than what you thought you could….Completion is a goal, but we hope it is never the end.”

This struck me because it brings out the mentality of consistent progression that we should all have. We has human tend to create “finish lines” for ourselves. Such as graduating, getting a promotion, getting marriage/divorce, moving, but in reality these are just new chapters in our lives. The story continues despite crossing a “finish line” to start a new race towards a new “finish line” but really we are just continually add to our live story. A story with limitless possibilities and an end that can never be written.